Writing Animal Point-of-View, a guest post by PJ Gardner

My career is all EB White’s fault. If he hadn’t written Charlotte’s Web I would probably be an accountant right now instead of a children’s author. Then again it could be my third-grade teacher’s fault. She was the one who supplied all of us with library copies of the book so we could follow along as she read it aloud. I remember being so anxious to know if Wilbur would be saved that I forced my abuela to buy me a copy so I could read ahead. I cried my eyes out when I reached the end—which is a big deal because I’m a huge arachnophobe.

Although, when I think about it my connection to animal stories started even earlier with Little Bear and Frog and Toad. Those were the first books I read by myself and I adored them. In fact, I still have them.