Writing An Unconventional Love Story In Young Adult Fiction, a guest post by Kate Stollenwerck 

My debut novelHello, Goodbye, has many elements at play— adventure, mystery, humor, and romance—but, at its core, lies a love story. But the great love of this tale isn’t romantic love, but rather the pure, unconditional love shared between a grandparent and grandchild.

I first had the idea for this love story over twenty years ago, shortly after my paternal grandmother passed away. She was so meaningful in my life, and I wanted to craft a story that captures the beauty and timelessness of the grandparent/grandchild connection. A grandparent’s love does not falter; it does not overnight disappear like romantic love so often can. It endures. It deepens. We may have limited time with our grandparents, but their impact and love remain imprinted on our hearts.