The Quote is the Thing! How the Words of Change series was inspired by quotes from some of the most inspirational speakers of our time, a guest post by the Words of Change editor

“The things that make us different, those are our superpowers—every day when you walk out the door and put on your imaginary cape and go out there and conquer the world because the world would not be as beautiful as it is if we weren’ t in it.”—LENA WAIHE

*(c) 2021 by Coco Romack All rights reserved. Excerpted from Words of Change: Queer by permission of Sasquatch Books.

Long before I was a professional editor, I loved quotes. Whenever I came across one that moved me, I’d write it down and then find out more about the person whose words they were. In doing so, I discovered countless writers and thinkers whose views rocked my world. Those quotes had real power—to make me see something or someone in a completely new light, to inspire me to act or make a change, to move me to tears or laughter—so I collected them, and over the years I’ve often used them in the books I’ve edited.