The Art of Co-authoring and Collaboration, a guest post by Katie and Kevin Tsang

The Key to Co-Authoring

Some people might think that writing a book with someone you are close with (in our case, a spouse) is a recipe for disaster. Luckily for us, we’ve figured out ways to make it work, and the result is books we are super proud of. Whenever we do school visits, students often ask us about how we write together, and we tell them it is sort of like working on a group project. The important thing is listening to each other, a willingness to compromise, and appreciation for each other’s ideas.

A brief history of our publishing path:

In addition to writing funny young fiction and adventurous MG with Kevin, Katie also writes YA by herself, as Katherine Webber. But even when she is writing her own YA, she always has Kevin read every draft and valued his input, which is how she knew that they would be able to co-write together. When Katie had the initial idea for a young boy who had to face his fears (what would become our series SAM WU IS NOT AFRAID) she knew that she wanted to co-write it with Kevin, both because she trusted him creatively, and because she knew that Kevin has more insight into being an 8 year old boy! Once we’d written the SAM WU series, which are shorter chapter books, we were ready to take on our next writing adventure—The Dragon Realm books! The DRAGON books are longer and more complex than the SAM WU books, so we had to approach writing them completely differently than we did with SAM WU.