Teen Fiction 2022 by the Numbers (So Far)

It’s almost the end of April, which means we are 1/3 of the way through 2022. I thought I would take a look today at some of the numbers we’re seeing in YA publishing this year. I use a variety of resources to keep an ongoing spreadsheet of YA titles that are being released in the current given year that I am working on. I personally find that having a broad overview can help me when making those daily microdecisions about what to buy, personally and professionally. So let’s take a look at when we’re seeing so far.

By the Numbers

Using a spreadsheet, I can find and locate:

  • 622 first edition YA hardbacks listed so far as coming out in 2022
  • 258 trade paperbacks that aren’t listed as being a reprint (a reprint is a trade paperback that came out previously as a hardback)
  • 81 YA translations, which means they were originally published in a language other than English and have been translated into English
  • 661 YA graphic novels and manga
  • 13 YA books listed as High/Low, these are predominantly from Orca publishers and are written as part of their High/Low line

Added all together, this is 1,835 books coming out in 2022 identified as YA. The ages can be anywhere from 12 and up. In fact, 1134 are listed as 12-14 and 728 are listed as ages 15+. And for the record, this is only looking at YA fiction in the United States available from large publishers through large vendors.