The Power of Writing Down a Goal, a guest post by Anita Kharbanda

When I was young, I thought writing books was for people with PhDs in English who attended Ivy league universities. And authors were definitely not South Asian, no no. We were meant to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers. We kept our heads down, studied hard, and helped keep high-ranking school districts at an A rating … Read more

Writing About Sexual Harassment for Middle Grade Readers, a guest post by Catherine Arguelles

Cover art by Carl Pearce In 2016, as #MeToo trended and stories of sexual harassment rose in the media, I came across this study examining sexual harassment in middle schools. While I certainly remembered incidents of catcalls and inappropriate behavior in middle school, it alarmed me to read that nearly half of the middle schoolers … Read more

The Paris Review – Chateaubriand on Writing Memoir between Two Societies

Charles Etienne Pierre Motte, The Surroundings of Dieppe1833, licensed under CC0 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons. François-René de northern Chateaubriand (1768–1848) was born in Saint-Malo, on the coast of Brittany, the youngest son of an Aristocratic family. After an isolated adolescence spent largely in his father’s castle, he moved to Paris not long before the revolution … Read more

42 Ways to Improve Your Writing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new writer, or more confident about editing your work, there are always small things you can do to improve your writing. In this post, we share 42 pieces of advice from the TLC Team and our guest authors, which explore different aspects of writing craft. Choose an area of … Read more

How Writing YA Novels Helped Me Find the Forgotten Parts of Me, a guest post by Sabina Khan

I was probably 10 years old when I watched my first Bollywood movie and I’ve been hooked ever since. Most of my friends made fun of the cheesy dialogues and musical numbers, but the dazzling outfits, stunningly beautiful heroines and haunting lyrics had me completely hooked from the first moment. I became an undiscerning consumer … Read more

Writing An Unconventional Love Story In Young Adult Fiction, a guest post by Kate Stollenwerck 

My debut novelHello, Goodbye, has many elements at play— adventure, mystery, humor, and romance—but, at its core, lies a love story. But the great love of this tale isn’t romantic love, but rather the pure, unconditional love shared between a grandparent and grandchild. I first had the idea for this love story over twenty years … Read more

Writing the “Rural” YA Novel, a guest post by Gary Eldon Peter

Many years ago, when I started writing my recently published young adult novel, The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen, I had something very different in mind. Think a Micheneresque multi-generational saga of the great rural Midwest, intricately plotted featuring a vast array of characters, alternating points of view, and ready-made for a miniseries … Read more

Writing of Ghosts when the World is Grieving, a guest post by author Helene Dunbar

When I was 15, I worked behind the snack counter in a movie theater. I wasn’t an huge fan of movies or anything, but it was fun and I liked the popcorn and the pale candied almonds which would become bleached by the lights of the glass case and given to staff because we couldn’t … Read more