The Paris Review – Forbidden Notebooks: A Woman’s Right to Write

Alba de Cespedes pictured in the Italian magazine Epoca, vol. VII, no. 86, May 31, 1952. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Forbidden evokes, to my English-speaking ear, the biblical fruit whose consumption leads to shame and expulsion from Paradise. Eve’s story is not irrelevant to a novel like Alba de Céspedes’s Forbidden Notebook, in which … Read more

You must write it

The pioneering BBC World Service programme Caribbean Voices, which ran from 1943 to 1958, enabled figures such as Derek Walcott, Sam Selvon and Sylvia Wynter to share early work. For the writer Colin Grant, the website WritersMosaic – of which he is the director – in some ways resembles a Caribbean Voices for a digital … Read more

how to write about food poverty in children’s literature, a guest post by Daisy May Johnson

Hi! My name is Daisy May Johnson and I’m the author of How To Be Brave and How To Be True. My books are about a group of girls who attend a boarding school called The School Of The Good Sisters and the adventures that they all get up to. The first thing you need … Read more

Write from the top

In December 45 BCE, Julius Caesar dined with Cicero. Cicero was dreading it: not only was the visit a logistical nightmare, given the size of Caesar’s entourage and military escort, but politically they were fundamentally opposed. The solution was to discuss literary matters and, according to Cicero, it worked: “he was pleased, and enjoyed himself”. … Read more