Series are the “Comfort Food” of the Book World, a guest post by Erin Soderberg Downing

I’ve always been an avid series reader. I grew up alongside the members of the Baby-sitter’s Club, devoured Ramona and Fudge (always envious of, and thrilled by, their naughtiness), tested limits with Jessica and Elizabeth in Sweet Valley High imagination, learned how to embrace and cherish my strange Inside Sachar’s Wayside School, comforted myself on … Read more

No guilty people in the world?

“Why?”, a German friend asked me, as she looked at horror at pictures of the Bucha mosque. “Why are they doing it?” Like the great tree that hides inside the tiny bud, there are shelfloads of books hiding inside that question. Those books, offering root-and-branch revisions of European history, will soon fill the bookshops. Without … Read more