Word made flesh

In the beginning was the Word. But the Word, in the fifth and sixth letters of “Principio” (In principio verbum…), has been wittily made flesh. With a blond mane and quizzical face, a man’s head sprouts from the ascending curve of the “C”. It rests against the flat upright of the “I” on this opening … Read more

Is profit a dirty word? Running a publishing company as a business

Innovative, diverse and ethical: just three words we may associate with the small press industry. A small press, defined via the British Book Awards, could have between 1 to 10 employees and yet competes (whether intentionally or unintentionally) with large-scale publishing houses with international offices, bustling for space in bookshops. As the managing director of … Read more

“The Word ‘Future’ Wasn’t Part of My Vocabulary”: On Cookie Mueller’s “Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black: Collected Stories”

JULY 25, 2022 IN AUTUMN 1967, The Doors played a concert at the Berkeley Community Theatre. The crowd was fast and heavy. Among the motley crew of hippies, washouts, and junkies was the visionary artist Cookie Mueller. Having fled the suburbs of Baltimore, Cookie stood in the back, bright-eyed, cradling an empty beer can. Her … Read more