What’s Ekphrasis Good For?: On Camille Guthrie’s “Diamonds”

JULY 26, 2022 LIKE THE NARRATOR of Dante’s Infernothe speaker of Camille Guthrie’s latest book, Diamonds: Poems (Boa Editions, 2021), appears midway through life: “Ah me! I find myself middle-aged divorced lost / In the dark forest of my failures, mortgage & slack breasts.” Unlike that famous journey, however, the narrator of Diamonds is alone: … Read more

What’s in your smart wallet? “Keeping your Personal Data Personal

How Decentralized Identity Drives Privacy” with Internet Archive, Metro Library Council, and Library Futures How many passwords do you have saved, and how many of them are controlled by a large, corporate platform instead of by you? Last month’s “Keeping your Personal Data Personal: How Decentralized Identity Drives Privacy” session started with that provocative question … Read more