The Paris Review – Genres for War: Writers in Ukraine on Literature

Olga Kryazhich’s destroyed apartment. Photograph courtesy of Kryazhich. I was almost done with a draft of my novel when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Amid the destruction and devastation that followed, continuing with my novel felt impossible; I turned toward journalism, which had always been a part-time job for me. For seven months, I … Read more

The Paris Review – New York Film Festival Dispatch: Cold War Movies

“We are a nation whose fate is to shoot at the enemy with diamonds.” From Diane Severin Nguyen’s If Revolution Is a Sickness (2021). When I show up for New York Film Festival’s 9:30 PM opening-night screening of White Noise, Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel, the lobby is already swarming with television … Read more

Musket on Your Shoulder and No Bread at Home: On Holly A. Pinheiro Jr.’s “The Families’ Civil War”

OCTOBER 12, 2022 IN AN 1863 address to New Yorkers, Frederick Douglass envisioned the day when a regiment of United States Colored Troops (USCT) would come marching down Broadway, lifting their high and orderly footsteps to the inspiring notes of “Old John Brown,” singing those words with a spirit and meaning with which they were … Read more

The Hidden War

THE BUTCHERY OF World War II is undeniably staggering, but when expressed as totals, it can feel abstracted, almost sanitized. The six million Jews, the 27 million Russians, the almost 300,000 Americans: these are the thumbnail numbers we have become familiar with. When described, though, in terms of the dates, the places, or the names … Read more

A New Approach To Understanding War Through Television News: Introducing The TV News Visual Explorer & The Belarusian, Russian & Ukrainian TV News Archive

For more than 20 years, the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive has monitored television news, preserving more than 9.5 million broadcasts totaling more than 6.6 million hours from across the world, with a continuous archive spanning the past decade. Today just a small slider of that archive is accessible to scholars and scholars due to … Read more

Forgotten men of war

The second and last armed conflict between the British Empire and the United States was once a neglected war. But the bicentennial of the War of 1812, as it later came to be known, inspired a wealth of fresh scholarship that has rightly recast it in broader geographic, social and cultural terms. While the war … Read more