How Verse Novels Lend Levity to the Difficult, a guest post by Caroline Brooks DuBois

Call to mind a favorite line of poetry. What do you love about it? The surprising phrasing, the pleasing sounds, the heart-stopping imagery—or something more squirrely to define? A line of poetry, often composed of only a handful of words, has the potential to contain so much life, just as a drop of blood holding … Read more

Verse turning for the worse

The Oxford professor of poetry is decided not by a besuited committee, but by those graduates of the university who care enough to vote. One apparent consequence of such an unusual system is that the appointments have been, with very few exceptions, excellent. It is a fixed-term post, currently lasting four years, and although it … Read more

The Paris Review – Balenciaga, Light Verse, and Dancing on Command

Look 7 in Demna Gvesalia‘s 2022 Balenciaga haute couture show. For someone who spends most of life reading and writing, dance is a miracle. Literature twists language to get at truth, but dance circumvents it altogether. Of course, this is only true at the moment of performance; The work of dance is full of language–often … Read more