The Paris Review – Genres for War: Writers in Ukraine on Literature

Olga Kryazhich’s destroyed apartment. Photograph courtesy of Kryazhich. I was almost done with a draft of my novel when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Amid the destruction and devastation that followed, continuing with my novel felt impossible; I turned toward journalism, which had always been a part-time job for me. For seven months, I … Read more

“This Should Not Be Repeated”: Civilian Devastation, from Syria to Ukraine

JULY 26, 2022 Cover photo: A graveyard for unidentified victims of the Syrian war, in the northwest city of Idlib, last December. Since Putin began bolstering Assad’s deadly campaign in autumn 2015, Syrian documentarian Fadi Al-Shami says he has seen more “nameless bodies” than ever before, with the first six months of intensified Russian raids … Read more