The Importance of Seeing Ourselves in Stories, a guest post by author Misty Wilson

There is a universal truth that applies to nearly everyone: we want to feel like we belong. Even us introverts—the ones who’d rather hang out by ourselves on the weekends—need our people. The people we can turn to when things get hard, when we need advice, when we’re bored and just want to chat. When … Read more

“The Word ‘Future’ Wasn’t Part of My Vocabulary”: On Cookie Mueller’s “Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black: Collected Stories”

JULY 25, 2022 IN AUTUMN 1967, The Doors played a concert at the Berkeley Community Theatre. The crowd was fast and heavy. Among the motley crew of hippies, washouts, and junkies was the visionary artist Cookie Mueller. Having fled the suburbs of Baltimore, Cookie stood in the back, bright-eyed, cradling an empty beer can. Her … Read more

“The Echo of a Distant World Calling”: On a New Collection of Fradl Shtok’s Stories

JULY 22, 2022 THE YIDDISH SHORT-STORY WRITER and poet Fradl Shtok was long known for all the wrong reasons. She was falsely credited with writing the first sonnets in Yiddish; she slapped an editor across the face for not liking her work enough, or so the rumor went; and her lone book in English, the … Read more

Catching runaway scare stories

Two decades ago, writes Fiona Fox, animal research was “science’s dirty little secret”. Campaigners had exposed genuine abuses of animals, but universities, afraid of bad publicity and sometimes violence, discouraged their staff from appearing in public to explain the countervailing benefits of such research. Unfortunately, this only fed into a narrative that scientists were doing … Read more