The Archival Abyss of Pinochet’s Chile: On Nona Fernández’s “Space Invaders”

November 24, 2022 IN HIS 1995 ESSAY Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression, Jacques Derrida describes the archive as “a system or a synchrony in which all the elements articulate the unity of an ideal configuration.” “In an archive,” he continues, “there should not be any absolute dissociation, any heterogeneity or secret […] [T]his can only … Read more

Ultimate safe space

Jim Crace’s epigraphs are notoriously unreliable. His debut novel, Continent (1986), cites “The Histories of Pycletius”, a work no classicist ever consulted; his last novel, The Melody (2018), (mis)directs us to an imaginary town guide. In between his paratexts have laid many traps for unwary readers. His new novel, edenquotes chapter and verse (7: 12) … Read more

Space is the place

“I had no nation now but the imagination” says Shabine, the seafaring poet and alter ego of Derek Walcott as he sets out in search of a new life in “The Schooner Flight”. Shabine could be speaking for the eleven artists from the African diaspora assembled shrewdly by Ekow Eshun for this group exhibition, In … Read more