Sister Acts, a guest post by Amanda Sellet

In the spring of 2018, I began brainstorming the book that would become BELITTLED WOMEN. Those early scribblings are a mix of research notes and favorite quotes and wild-eyed what-ifs that gradually cooked down into an over-the-top story about a family of Little women re-enactors. Instead of retelling the plot of Louisa May Alcott’s iconic … Read more

The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister”

The following review was written before the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. ¤ OLESYA KHROMEYCHUK’S NEW BOOK, A Loss: The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister, is about her own brother, who died in 2017 fighting for Ukraine against Russian-backed forces. Though the book achieves Khromeychuk’s goal — to humanize the war … Read more