A Leaky Manual on Living with Uncertainty: On Julia Armfield’s “Our Wives Under the Sea”

OCTOBER 4, 2022 MY FIRST PANIC attack happened in the air. I was six years old on a flight from New York to London on which Titanic was the onboard movie. This was during the late 1990s, back when all passengers were subjected to one single projection. I surreptitiously plugged my headphones in and sat, … Read more

Heroics all at sea

Jane Austen’s fiction unflinchingly exposes the economic obstacles faced by educated nineteenth-century Englishwomen, the majority of whom were white, but only her unfinished last novel, Sanditon (1817), mentions a mixed-race heir. A mere handful of passages in her novels point to how she viewed the prejudices endured by people of colour. With a dearth of … Read more