The Paris Review – Speculative Tax Fraud: Reading John Hersey’s White Lotus

Rison Thumboor from Thrissur, India, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. I’m defeatist when it comes to taxes (meaning: I don’t understand deductions and pay whatever TurboTax tells me to), but I’m fascinated by those who aren’t. In 2001, for example, eighty thousand Black Americans filed for reparations with the IRS. Some made this their … Read more

Reading Ulysses

As Paul Muldoon’s prismatic essay “Spinoza’s shillelagh” (June 17) illuminates, James Joyce’s Ulysses Represents a world of endless colour, complexity and thematic inter-relatedness (eg seeing “Homer” in Irish Home Rule, the myriad interwoven threads of Catholic, Jew, Greek, Irish, etc). As a footnote to Muldoon’s broad-ranging scholarship, touching on Frank Budgen’s comment about Joyce’s “method” … Read more