Biracial Readers and Choosing a Side, a guest post by Michael Mann

Choosing sides I think biracial children, as readers, often have to choose a side. When I was younger, the choice was limited – I had Indian mythology for my dad’s side, and everything else for my English side. Now the choice has improved hugely. From Nizrana Farook to Roshani Chokshi, I feel envious of the … Read more

Writing About Sexual Harassment for Middle Grade Readers, a guest post by Catherine Arguelles

Cover art by Carl Pearce In 2016, as #MeToo trended and stories of sexual harassment rose in the media, I came across this study examining sexual harassment in middle schools. While I certainly remembered incidents of catcalls and inappropriate behavior in middle school, it alarmed me to read that nearly half of the middle schoolers … Read more

Literally Bringing Readers Into the Story through Interactive Serial Novels, a guest post by Beth Revis

It took a pandemic for me to experiment with serial novels, but I never thought it would totally change both the way I write and the way I interact with readers. In 2020, as Covid had me tucked in my house and craving at least a little human interaction, Amazon announced a new writing program … Read more