Space is the place

“I had no nation now but the imagination” says Shabine, the seafaring poet and alter ego of Derek Walcott as he sets out in search of a new life in “The Schooner Flight”. Shabine could be speaking for the eleven artists from the African diaspora assembled shrewdly by Ekow Eshun for this group exhibition, In … Read more

A place of extremes

The Magyars, a Finno-Ugric people, crossed the Eurasian steppe into the Carpathians around AD 895. Their fierce horsemen pushed on into Europe, rampaging through Germany and Italy, helping to bury the classical civilization. Their enemies prayed, “A sagittis Hungarorum libera nos Domine– “deliver us from the arrows of the Hungarians” – and God at last … Read more

Writing Disability and Immigration from a Place of Wholeness, a guest post by Natalia Sylvester

I remember the first time someone told me my identity was “exotic” and checked “all the boxes.” More than 10 years ago, over fries and a milkshake at a diner after I’d attended a book reading, a fellow writer told me they were jealous of me and wished their own life as a white, cis, … Read more