Time Will Tell: On Tiziana Andina’s “A Philosophy for Future Generations”

OCTOBER 9, 2022 GLOBAL WARMING IS ARGUABLY the most important topic in the news right now. Unless we act quickly and decisively, the lives of future generations are sure to be very grim. For this reason, at the very least, Tiziana Andina’s new book, translated by Antonella Emmi, deserves attention. Her blessedly brief and relentlessly … Read more

The Philosophy of Shittiness: On Kieran Setiya’s “Life Is Hard”

OCTOBER 2, 2022 HAVE YOU NOTICED lately that everything is shit? Things were very shitty the year before last, they became even shittier last year, and now everything is just indescribably shit. As a species, we’ve been stuck with this aspect of the human condition for around 300,000 years. But the question of how to … Read more

Playing games with philosophy

Macedonio Fernández (1874-1952), or just “Macedonio” as he is affectionately known, was an Argentine writer who had a significant influence on Jorge Luis Borges. Today he is not much remembered; for many, Borges overshadowed him entirely. But he deserves the twelve scholarly essays collected in this book. According to Borges, Macedonio was an unforgettable conversationalist … Read more