The Inner Lives of Others: On Peter C. Baker’s “Planes”

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 IN PETER BAKER’s propulsive new novel Planes, four figures cross paths: Ayoub, sent to Temara prison in Morocco, for reasons unknown; Amira, formerly Maria, his wife who awaits him in Rome; Melanie, mother, realtor, and school board member, rekindling a passion for local activism; and Bradley, her occasional lover and the owner … Read more

Writing the “Rural” YA Novel, a guest post by Gary Eldon Peter

Many years ago, when I started writing my recently published young adult novel, The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen, I had something very different in mind. Think a Micheneresque multi-generational saga of the great rural Midwest, intricately plotted featuring a vast array of characters, alternating points of view, and ready-made for a miniseries … Read more

Citizen Journalism and the Peter Parker Principle, a guest post by Hilde Lysiak

What is a journalist? Is it someone with a fancy college degree? Or how about a person with a credential from a major newspaper or news show? Oxford’s online dictionary defines a journalist as “a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites.” That definition fits in nicely with the caricature created by Hollywood, … Read more