The pain in Spain

In 1897, just inland from Alicante, a young farm boy stumbled across a limestone bust jutting out of the turf. The 17-inch sculpture depicted a Bronze Age woman who, according to an archaeologist wag, sports the “best lips in antiquity”. The sculpture pointed to Spain’s melting-pot past, what with her “pure Iberian” broach, her Celtiberian … Read more

Pain, desire and glitz

The second season of Sanditon ended on April 24, and of its many cruel plot twists, deceiving Georgiana Lambe (Crystal Clarke) is the harshest. The West Indian heiress learned at the end of the first season that the love of playful, charming Otis Molyneux (Jyuddah Jaymes) could not protect her from the consequences of his … Read more