The Overlooked Indian Dynasties: On Anirudh Kanisetti’s “Lords of the Deccan”

JULY 28, 2022 THE HISTORY OF the Indian subcontinent is full of eulogies for the Indo-Gangetic kingdoms, from the reign of the Guptas to the Muslims who established the Delhi Sultanate in the late medieval era. And the glory of the Mughal Empire in the early modern period needs no further popularization. The chapters of … Read more

Elusive part in overlooked article

The announcement of the discovery of the Higgs boson on July 4, 2012, at CERN, the European center for particle physics, was a strange scientific jubilee. Reporters and scientists crammed into the auditorium to hear about the revelation. There was a party atmosphere, with wild applause interrupting presentations by the researchers who had done the … Read more