Urban Settings in Middle Grade Novels, a guest post by Sally Engelfried and Melissa Dassori

Middle grade novels are full of exploration. While families are present and often powerful forces, middle grade protagonists are discovering themselves, navigating changing friendships, and gaining independence—or wishing they could. Urban neighborhoods provide unique environments for these coming-of-age stories, and city settings are integral to both our recent debut novels. For Sally, Daphne of Learning … Read more

How Writing YA Novels Helped Me Find the Forgotten Parts of Me, a guest post by Sabina Khan

I was probably 10 years old when I watched my first Bollywood movie and I’ve been hooked ever since. Most of my friends made fun of the cheesy dialogues and musical numbers, but the dazzling outfits, stunningly beautiful heroines and haunting lyrics had me completely hooked from the first moment. I became an undiscerning consumer … Read more

Literally Bringing Readers Into the Story through Interactive Serial Novels, a guest post by Beth Revis

It took a pandemic for me to experiment with serial novels, but I never thought it would totally change both the way I write and the way I interact with readers. In 2020, as Covid had me tucked in my house and craving at least a little human interaction, Amazon announced a new writing program … Read more