A Cosmos of Bodies: On Jazmina Barrera’s “Linea Nigra: An Essay on Pregnancy and Earthquakes”

JULY 2, 2022 “THE PLACE OF women,” according to Mexico beliefs, is in the west, the evening sky. Mothers who died during childbirth were revered as “a mochihuaquetzea courageous woman, or a cihuateteo, a divine woman.” Their body parts were coveted by warriors, carried into battle offering strength, offering life. In her new book, Linea … Read more

Lines, Lineage, and Light in Jazmina Barrera’s “Linea Nigra”

THERE’S A CONCEPT in landscape architecture, a friend once told me, called a “desire line.” Picture a grassy quad on a college campus, neatly framed by flat gray sidewalks. Some walk along the cement, as the designers intended. But the preferred path can be seen from above; it cuts across the field, worn in from … Read more