Meet Melchor: On Javier Cercas’s “Even the Darkest Night”

AUGUST 24, 2022 MELCHOR MARÍN, THE HERO of Javier Cercas’s Even the Darkest Nightis obsessed with Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. He first encountered the 19th-century French masterpiece while serving a four-year stint in prison. Its impact cannot be overstated, perhaps because he discovered it in his late teens, that a formative decade when we engage … Read more

The Paris Review – Bona Nit, Estimat (An Ordinary Night)

Illustration by Na Kim. I can’t fall asleep till my skin—sweaty, sticky, sizzling with bacteria, random fungal itches, swellings, vague histamine eruptions—has been unified by a bath or shower. I wear a white cotton T-shirt softened by age to tame this commotion and to guard my insanely sensitive nipples against the onslaught of, say, the … Read more