Who Killed Orchestral Music? – Los Angeles Review of Books

JUNE 29, 2022 JOHN MAUCERI, founding director of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, is a composer, arranger, writer, and educator who has conducted the world’s major opera companies and symphony orchestras. For 18 years, Mauceri worked closely with Leonard Bernstein on many of Bernstein’s premieres. He has championed the work of composers banned by Hitler, in … Read more

Music makers

The Women’s prize for fiction? It’s not just for women, you know. As the prize’s website is careful to explain, the “largest celebration of women’s creativity in the world” is a celebration to which “everyone” is invited: “We put exceptional quality literature from all over the world into the hands of male and female readers … Read more

An equal music

Thomas Piketty, the fifty-year old rock star of the international left, gathers in Time for Socialism his monthly columns in Le Monde; and in A Brief History of Equality (Une brève histoire de l’égalité, 2021), he considers the ups and downs of wealth inequality in a few countries over the past 200 years. Piketty’s global … Read more