Femo-Imperialism and La Mission Civilisatrice: On Françoise Vergès’s “A Feminist Theory of Violence”

OCTOBER 9, 2022 WHEN I WAS studying French in school, my instructor wonced as I tried to speak of “race”: I had assumed that it was enough to affect a French accent while leaving the word unchanged. Race, the professor explained, was a pejorative, to be used only when speaking of nonhuman animals. Instead, I … Read more

Not a mission to explain

A few ill-informed writings on Orientalism have dated the serious beginnings of Arabic studies to 1312, when the Council of Vienne decreed that Arabic should be taught at the universities of Avignon, Paris, Oxford, Bologna and Salamanca. But the necessary funding was not made available, so the decree was a dead letter. Serious engagement with … Read more