The Muse as Creator: On Mark Braude’s “Kiki Man Ray”

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 IN 1924, THE AMERICAN-BORN artist Man Ray created in his Paris apartment a typical specimen of surrealist humor. The photograph Le Violon d’Ingres (1924) shows the bare back of his seated lover; between the cello-like curves of her nude waist, he painted a pair of f-holes directly onto the print. The pun, … Read more

Why I Wrote BIG LIES, a guest post by Mark Kurlansky

“Truth tickles everyone’s nostrils. The question is, how’s it to be pulled from the heap?” —Isaac Babel, “My First Goose” (a story in Red Cavalry1926) It is in a writer’s nature to want to communicate ideas, beliefs, and knowledge that readers will accept and maybe even embrace. Usually that’s what I want, too, but not … Read more