A Leaky Manual on Living with Uncertainty: On Julia Armfield’s “Our Wives Under the Sea”

OCTOBER 4, 2022 MY FIRST PANIC attack happened in the air. I was six years old on a flight from New York to London on which Titanic was the onboard movie. This was during the late 1990s, back when all passengers were subjected to one single projection. I surreptitiously plugged my headphones in and sat, … Read more

Life: a user’s manual

Although radically different, these films both portrayed atypical family structures among the bourgeoisie; in particular they portray the impact of severe illness on the relationship between fathers and daughters. The French director François Ozon’s Everything Went Fine, adapted from the autobiographical novel by Emmanuèle Bernheim, begins punchily: within minutes, middle-aged sisters Emmanuèle (Sophie Marceau) and … Read more