Teen Girls and Magic in the 1900s, a guest post by Sacha Lamb

When the Angels Left the Old Country is a fairytale grounded in history, specifically what’s known in American Jewish history as the Great Wave of Immigration. This lasted roughly from 1880 until the early 1920s. I have got my master’s degree with a thesis on Jewish women and immigration in the 1920s, and Angels combines … Read more

Finding Your Own Bit of Magic, a guest post by Michelle A. Barry

In books and television and life, popularity is a common theme, especially in the realm of kids trying to find their place in the world, or in their microcosm of the world, school. Popularity can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s being the first selected for kickball teams at recess, or for … Read more

The inspiration behind My Name is Magic, a guest post by Xan van Rooyen 

Music is life. Other people need oxygen—I need music. So… more than a decade ago, I watched a random indie movie called Teenage Dirtbag. While I loved the movie, Iadored the soundtrack. One song in particular hit me really hard. It’s called You’re not Gonna Save Me by Geno Lenardo (sadly, it’s not on Spotify … Read more

Letting magic in on daylight

True to Nature is a perfectly timed exhibition. The European trend for landscape painting en plein air between 1780 and 1870 resonates with the resurgence of interest in the natural world that the lockdowns inspired, as well as contemporary concern for our threatened habitat. The exhibition of more than 100 oil sketches is thematically arranged … Read more