‘I never loved her…’

On September 23, 1974, three middle-aged men were interviewed in the Femail section of the Daily Mail for a story entitled “Our Outrageous Parents”, illustrated by a row of portrait photographs. First in line is bearded Quentin Bell, smoking a pipe, who is talking about his mother, the painter Vanessa Bell, and his aunt, Virginia … Read more

“We Came Walking Out of Our Thoughts to Be Loved”: On “Cold Candies,” by Lee Young-ju, translated by Jae Kim

JULY 25, 2022 “THOUGH HE LACKS a hand and I have no head,” says the speaker of “In the Summer,” a poem by the South Korean poet Lee Young-ju, “the bed fills up when the two of us lie down.” This striking image, with its odd (and oddly satisfying) juxtaposition of sweetness and horror, turns … Read more