Let’s Talk About Anti-Semitism and THE BOOK OF ELSIE, a guest post by Joanne Levy

I have a book releasing today called The Book of Elsie. While book release days are normally a big celebration, I wish I hadn’t written Elsie. No, that’s not exactly true. I wish I hadn’t felt I had to write it. I’m sorry to be a downer already – one paragraph into this post. But … Read more

Let’s Talk: Philly DA – Blog

Philadelphians, we need to talk! Join your neighbors at eight Free Library of Philadelphia libraries between May 23 and June 30th, to watch and discuss individual episodes of the award winning PBS documentary series Philly DA. We seek to learn from you, and from each other the answers to several pressing questions. Do you and … Read more

Let’s Talk About Coming Out (in Life and Fiction), a guest post by Jen Ferguson

I’m out on twitter and have been for a long-ish while. At least, I’m out as a kick-ass demisexual. I don’t often talk about the fact that my attraction, when it shows up, isn’t confined by any specific gender. That being said, as much as some of us think so, the internet isn’t everything. I … Read more