When Family Is a Foreign Language: On Linda Murphy Marshall’s “Ivy Lodge”

OCTOBER 20, 2022 WHEN SOMEONE SAYS “You can’t go home again,” they mean that returning to a certain place rarely turns back time the way we hope. In Linda Murphy Marshall’s new book Ivy Lodge: A Memoir of Translation and Discovery, the narrator examines her surroundings with an eye toward understanding the cultural forces at … Read more

“A Language So Musical and Magical”: On Volodymyr Rafeyenko’s “Mondegreen: Songs about Death and Love”

AUGUST 1, 2022 ONCE, WHEN HER MOTHER was reading her poems from an 18th-century book of popular ballads, American writer Sylvia Wright had a curious auditory experience. The words “laid him on the green” were transformed in her ears into “Lady Mondegreen,” an error to which she admitted publicly in a 1954 article in Harper’s … Read more