That Monster Which Prevaileth: On Andrew Joseph White’s “Hell Followed with Us”

OCTOBER 22, 2022 “[A] MONSTER IS not such a terrible thing to be. […] To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal, a lighthouse: both shelter and warning at once,” writes the poet Ocean Vuong. It reminds us of sirens, dragons, satyrs, and for the scripturally minded angels. Biblical angels often appear with … Read more

Dickens for the Civil Rights–Era South: On Joseph Allen Boone’s “Furnace Creek”

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 JOSEPH ALLEN BOONE’S debut novel Furnace Creek Dickens’s recasts Great Expectations into the hilarious and heartrending coming-of-age story of Newton Horatio Seward, a Southern boy growing up in the 1960s and ’70s. Like Dickens’s Pip, Boone’s Newt is initiated into a life-changing relationship with a mysterious benefactor after a terrifying encounter with … Read more

Self-Discovery Through Writing, a guest post by Andrew Joseph White

When I graduated with my master’s degree in creative writing, my parents held a celebratory cookout, complete with balloons, extended family, grad-themed snacks, the usual. But there was something else on the center table, between the chips and M&Ms: crinkled booklets and crude pencil drawings, handwritten crayon zines, stacks of wide-ruled paper stapled together. Some … Read more