Boswell to Johnson

At the heart of Darryl Pinckney’s memoir is a portrait of the essayist and novelist Elizabeth Hardwick, by whom Pinckney was taught at Columbia in the 1970s – or “Professor Hardwick”, as he still calls her, long after she has become a friend. The result is almost a biography by stealth of Hardwick as mentor, … Read more

how to write about food poverty in children’s literature, a guest post by Daisy May Johnson

Hi! My name is Daisy May Johnson and I’m the author of How To Be Brave and How To Be True. My books are about a group of girls who attend a boarding school called The School Of The Good Sisters and the adventures that they all get up to. The first thing you need … Read more

Blending the Family Story with the Coming-of-Age Novel, a guest post by Anna Rose Johnson

When many authors begin a story, they have a good idea of ​​what category it might fall into: it could be a book about a close-knit family like The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street, or it could be about a teen navigating a new life like Hattie Ever After. But what if you want to do … Read more