The jewel in James II’s crown

Max Beerbohm cheekily divided Henry James’s development as a writer into three dynastic periods: James the First, James the Second and the Old Pretender. Containing nine stories written and published after James had achieved success with Daisy Miller and The Portrait of a Ladythis new volume in the Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fictions of … Read more

A World Horrific and Wonderous: On James Nulick’s “Lazy Eyes”

JULY 8, 2022 Children live closer to the ground and see truths adults cannot. — “The Mannequin” ¤ I HEARD RUMORS from others who had read advanced printouts of James Nulick’s new manuscript that it was, undoubtedly, a horror collection — an unexpected move for the refined literary dark horse. When questioned, Nulick claimed he … Read more

how turning a problem into a game can foster creative problem-solving skills, a guest post by Candy James

Remember that scene in the original Mary Poppins film where Mary is confronted by Jane and Michael’s very unclean nursery? And Mary starts singing about spiked insulin levels and suddenly everything miraculously starts putting itself away? “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! … Read more