I Am Never Not Singing: On Cynthia Cruz’s “Hotel Oblivion”

AUGUST 30, 2022 CYNTHIA CRUZ’S UNPARALLELED new collection, Hotel Oblivion, begins at the end of the body: “It is the body that leads me, though I always want to anchor myself in the mind.” The speaker of the 70 profoundly obsessive, hypnotic poems that span the collection, with often repeating titles such as “Hotel Letter,” … Read more

Human Interest: On Deborah Cohen’s “Last Call at the Hotel Imperial”

JULY 25, 2022 “THEY BEGAN THE decade by reporting the story, but by 1939, they were the story,” writes Deborah Cohen, describing the five American foreign correspondents at the heart of her new book, Last Call at the Hotel Imperial: The Reporters Who Talked on a World at War. The correspondents, John and Frances Gunther, … Read more