California, Coming Home: On Julia Scheeres and Allison Gilbert’s “Listen, World!”

November 28, 2022 DESPITE THE TURRETS, gables, porches, and seemingly endless succession of darkly paneled rooms and well-upholstered nooks and crannies, there was no privacy to be had in the Crowell family mansion. Elsie Robinson had married Christie Crowell on impulse — she did most things on impulse — after a brief courtship in Benicia, … Read more

Three Questions for Gabino Iglesias Regarding His Novel “The Devil Takes You Home”

November 23, 2022 I FIRST LEARNED of Gabino Iglesias a few years ago through his unapologetically prolific Twitter feed, where he encourages other authors to “hustle and get it done.” And what hustle is that? Writing and finding a publisher. He has little patience for writers who proclaim that all they need to do is … Read more

Musket on Your Shoulder and No Bread at Home: On Holly A. Pinheiro Jr.’s “The Families’ Civil War”

OCTOBER 12, 2022 IN AN 1863 address to New Yorkers, Frederick Douglass envisioned the day when a regiment of United States Colored Troops (USCT) would come marching down Broadway, lifting their high and orderly footsteps to the inspiring notes of “Old John Brown,” singing those words with a spirit and meaning with which they were … Read more

What Has Become of Home?

JULY 3, 2022 TO ARABS IN the diaspora, the story is a familiar one — it rings in our ears. In it the political clash with the personal, and conservative or radical Islamist forces are pitted against the liberal or secular. The romantic pull toward our motherlands is overpowered by realities that drove our ancestors … Read more