Wearable Technologies Are Giving Us Superpowers—I’m Hopeful, but Also Worried; a guest post by author Elaine Kachala

Back at university, I took a Sociology of Health and Illness course, which really hooked me and led me to a new career path. I’d worked as a medical technologist, made my way into hospital management, and considered doing a master’s in health care administration. But this sociology course started me thinking about the social, … Read more

The Art of Not Giving In (Part Two)

The Second Coming of the North Surrey Gigantopithecus PREVIOUSLY, in The Art of Not Giving InI described how I went from abandoning my novel, The North Surrey Gigantopithecus in 2017 to being around to witness its publication by Unsung Stories in 2021 to some acclaim. I had seen the story as a voice exercise and … Read more