Boys vs girls

Banished, vanished, plague-blighted, hunted to extinction, rendered obsolete: for more than a century speculative fiction has been inventing and reinventing ways to divest the world of men. It is one of the genre’s most durable thought experiments: what might women do – what might they dare to want or build or inflict or demolish – … Read more

Saying Goodbye to the “Not Like Other Girls” Girl, a guest post by Alexene Farol Follmuth

There’s something in economics called the fallacy of scarcity, which is the erroneous mindset that there is not enough of something to go around. It suggests that in a male-dominated field, for example, women must tear each other down in order to be one of the few who gets ahead. This is a fallacy primarily … Read more

Fairy Tales and Final Girls in THE GHOSTS OF ROSE HILL, a guest post by RM Romero

Fairy tales and horror may seem like completely dissonant genres, but they actually have many things in common. One of them is their reputation for treating their female characters poorly. They’re objectified damsels in distress who must be rescued by a police man or a huntsman, depending on the era the story takes place in. … Read more