The Paris Review – For the Record, the Review Has Not Abolished Fiction

Subject: Inquiry about a small change beginning with issue 238 Dear Emily, Volume 238 dropped the fiction and nonfiction labels previously attached to prose pieces. I found no rationale for the decision in your editor’s note to that edition, although your reference to “fiction or nonfiction or something in between” may be an allusion to … Read more

Writing An Unconventional Love Story In Young Adult Fiction, a guest post by Kate Stollenwerck 

My debut novelHello, Goodbye, has many elements at play— adventure, mystery, humor, and romance—but, at its core, lies a love story. But the great love of this tale isn’t romantic love, but rather the pure, unconditional love shared between a grandparent and grandchild. I first had the idea for this love story over twenty years … Read more

“All Fiction Is Intellectually Autobiographical”: A Conversation with Jared Marcel Pollen

JULY 29, 2022 IN VENUS&DOCUMENTJared Marcel Pollen’s first novel and second book of fiction following the story collection The Unified Field of Loneliness (2019), a New York-based writer, Paul Kenning, attempts to sum up the mood of his times through the decaying medium of print journalism. Paul’s editor, Bill Morning, is dying — a neat … Read more

From Frozen Fandom to Frozen Fiction, a guest post by Frozen Polar Nights authors Mari Mancusi and Jen Calonita

We were fans first. And now we help build the world we love. I’ll never forget the time I first saw Frozen. My daughter was two years old and it was her very first in-theater movie. She made it all the way to the “Let it Go” sequence and then had enough. We reluctantly headed … Read more

Let’s Talk About Coming Out (in Life and Fiction), a guest post by Jen Ferguson

I’m out on twitter and have been for a long-ish while. At least, I’m out as a kick-ass demisexual. I don’t often talk about the fact that my attraction, when it shows up, isn’t confined by any specific gender. That being said, as much as some of us think so, the internet isn’t everything. I … Read more

Fact Versus Fiction in Middle Grade Literature, a guest post by Frank Morelli

Believe it or not, I went to college with aspirations of becoming a doctor. And not a doctor of words and ideas with a bunch of (admittedly) cool letters after my name, either. I wanted to be a medical doctor who could wield an ordinary scalpel the way Wayne Gretzky handles a hockey stick. Wait…in … Read more