Nightmares Worth Indulging: On Feminist Press’s “It Came from the Closet”

NOVEMBER 4, 2022 WATCHING THE BIRDS next to an unrequited crush, drinking cheap rosé, is not my idea of ​​a good date — but it used to be. In her essay, “Loving Annie Hayworth,” Laura Maw describes such a date in gnawing detail, from the dizziness to the coarse carpet to Annie Hayworth’s husky voice. … Read more

Femo-Imperialism and La Mission Civilisatrice: On Françoise Vergès’s “A Feminist Theory of Violence”

OCTOBER 9, 2022 WHEN I WAS studying French in school, my instructor wonced as I tried to speak of “race”: I had assumed that it was enough to affect a French accent while leaving the word unchanged. Race, the professor explained, was a pejorative, to be used only when speaking of nonhuman animals. Instead, I … Read more