Musket on Your Shoulder and No Bread at Home: On Holly A. Pinheiro Jr.’s “The Families’ Civil War”

OCTOBER 12, 2022 IN AN 1863 address to New Yorkers, Frederick Douglass envisioned the day when a regiment of United States Colored Troops (USCT) would come marching down Broadway, lifting their high and orderly footsteps to the inspiring notes of “Old John Brown,” singing those words with a spirit and meaning with which they were … Read more

The Allure of Other People’s Families, a guest post by Allison Weiser Strout

It was a great game for the school bus. The goal: name all eleven siblings in age and grade order (a few were usually scattered about among the rows of sticky, green vinyl bus seats.) The winner got nothing more than bragging rights, but that was something, especially when you lived in a quiet suburban … Read more