Decline and Fall – Los Angeles Review of Books

JULY 17, 2022 CONVENTIONALLY, HISTORY HAS been about events and institutions. In the last century, however, a shift in perspective was achieved — associated especially with the name of Fernand Braudel — that considered closely the context in which events took place and institutions established themselves. Attention was now paid to geography — the constraints … Read more

Religion of the Market: On Gary Gerstle’s “The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order”

JULY 18, 2022 INTELLECTUAL HISTORIES OF recent American public life typically foreground disintegration in order to capture the mood of a country on the brink. These moments are not only about the United States’s ongoing culture wars or its “hyper-politics” but also evidence of how the nation explains social and political change to itself with … Read more

Elia breaks the fall

Charles Lamb has often appeared at the margins of other people’s stories. As the companion of famous men – Samuel Taylor Coleridge, most notably, but also William Godwin, William Wordsworth and many other leading Romantic figures – Lamb has figured in the pages of multiple biographies as witness to and commentator on the lives and … Read more