Finding the Middle Grade in “Goblin Market,” a guest post by Diane Zahler

I don’t remember exactly when I first read Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market.” It might have been in college; it might have been when my husband, a literature professor, taught it in a class and shared it with me. But as someone who has long been fascinated by fairy tales, I was immediately enthralled by … Read more

How a Pandemic-Written Adventure Can Model the Future, a guest post by Diane Magras

Cover art: Vivienne To The other day, I was musing about my pre- and post-pandemic writing styles. As a middle grade author, my books and brand are all about action, adventure, and fun—and that hasn’t changed. But there’s a new layer of seriousness behind the veil of my upcoming book, Secret of the Shadow Beasts. … Read more