In Defense of Disaster Main Characters, a guest post by Susan Azim Boyer

In my young adult debut novel, Jasmine Zumideh Needs a Win (11.1.22 Wednesday Books), my main character, Jasmine — who’s running for senior class president in a must-win election — tells a little, white lie that snowballs into an avalanche. Time and time again, she makes the wrong decision for what she thinks is the … Read more

The case for the defense

A little more than a month ago, Euan Roger, principal medieval records specialist at the National Archives, announced on Twitter the discovery of two life records that would, he said, clarify the relationship between “Geoffrey Chaucer and Cecily Chaumpaigne, including the *original legal charges* brought against the poet.” The discovery would be presented at an … Read more

In Defense of the Volatile, Unlikable Girl, a guest post by Tanvi Berwah

Koral of Sollonia, the narrator of Monsters Born and Madeis a deeply unlikable sixteen-year-old girl. Let me elaborate on what that one word–unlikable–encompasses in this particular instance. Koral of Sollonia is angry and intensely traumatized. Her trauma stems from an intersection of her lived reality: a teen in a dysfunctional family unit, lack of money … Read more

In Defense of Wasting Time: On C. Thi Nguyen’s “Games: Agency As Art”

JULY 2, 2022 I PLAY GAMES: video and board games. I’m ashamed of it, and ashamed that I’m ashamed — ashamed because such games carry an air of childishness and frivolity, and ashamed at my shame because, well, why should anyone care? But I do care, so I play my games in private, sitting in … Read more