Making a Life’s Work of Death: On Hayley Campbell’s “All the Living and the Dead”

AUGUST 27, 2022 “HURRAY THEN FOR FUNERALS!” exclaims Jean-Baptiste Clamence in Albert Camus’s 1956 novel The Fall. Camus himself was a fan of funerals, according to Olivier Todd in his 1996 biography of the Nobel Prize–winning novelist. As Todd details, Camus became obsessed with American funeral customs on his trip to the United States in … Read more

The Paris Review – Ghosts, the Grateful Dead, and Earth Room

“The Ghost in the Stereoscope,” Metropolitan Museum of Art, licensed under CC0 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons. When my wife was giving birth to our child, she saw—waiting at the door of the delivery room—her grandmother, my grandmother, and the grandmother of our sperm donor. In daily life all three of these women are dead. In … Read more

The telltale dead

The words “a dead man does not bite” presaged the assassination of Pompey, just a few years after Caesar’sGallic Warstransported Britain onto the pages of written history. Debate over what the dead can and cannot communicate endures, particularly when focused on the thousand years that followed, thanks to the sheer quantity of burial evidence archaeologists … Read more

The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister”

The following review was written before the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. ¤ OLESYA KHROMEYCHUK’S NEW BOOK, A Loss: The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister, is about her own brother, who died in 2017 fighting for Ukraine against Russian-backed forces. Though the book achieves Khromeychuk’s goal — to humanize the war … Read more