Creating an Unlikeable Female Character, a guest post by Victory Witherkeigh

Since I left my corporate job in 2019 to pursue my writing dreams, a term has cropped up again and again that has always irked me when I’ve had to describe some of my short stories: the “unlikeable female character.” I know it started as a term to describe a female character who went against … Read more

The Strong Female Character, a guest post by author Lauren Magaziner

When I was a kid, I was told—on more than one occasion—that I was a little “too much.” What that meant changed in the eye of the beholder. An acquaintance once told me I was too enthusiastic about things—that I needed to be more chill. A friend said I was always trying too hard to … Read more

How My Eleven-Year-Old Character Changed My Mind about Traditional Narrative, a guest post by Louise Hawes

I never start with a story. It’s always a character, instead, who persuades me to build a book around them. When Hazel, whose road “handle” is Hazmat and who is the protagonist of my new middle grade novel, BIG RIG, first popped into my head, I knew that if we were going to write a … Read more

Solving the Mystery of Character and Point of View, a guest post by author AL Tait

When I started writing The Fire Star, the first book in the Maven & Reeve Mystery series, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the whole novel-writing caper. after all, The Fire Star was my seventh middle-grade novel, and my eleventh published book! Surely I knew what I was doing… I already knew … Read more